Startup 4 with the new Online Editor is here!

This is an exciting release for Designmodo’s online app builder. And we created it just for you based on some of your feedback.

Startup 4 is an app based on Bootstrap 4, so you can create websites based on this framework with well-designed bootstrap templates. You can use this tool to start or build your presence online using pre-designed blocks without any coding knowledge.

New Online Editor

The Online Editor is all new in this release of Startup 4. (And we really think you’ll love it.)

The new version of the Startup app is here and it comes with a few new features that we’ll explain below.

The important features Startup include new integrations. Data form information can be sent to messengers like Telegram and Viber. For marketing proposes we integrated SendInBlue and HubSpot services.

Telegram integration

A year ago, we published a post about our plans for 2019. We have completed the majority of these plans. Let’s take a look at what we completed in 2019 and what plans we have for 2020.

2019: Product Development

2019 was a product development year. We focused mostly on new features for all of our apps. Also, we cleaned our blog, removing old articles that are not important anymore in our industry and added fresh, new information.

Postcards. Email Template Builder

Let’s collaborate! With the Postcards 2.9 release, there’s a new collaboration feature. Now you can use one Postcards subscription with colleagues and build an email template with your team.

How does it work?

Open the Postcards app and click on your avatar, from here you can invite one or more members to your Postcards workspace.

A few months ago we announced the coming of Slides 5, then a month ago we rolled out Slides 5 for Slides 4 customers, and today we’re happy to announce the public release!

The Product Hunt release party is here 🙀

Starting today you can try the new Slides. It comes with tons of new features and functionality. Read on to learn about the most important additions to Slides 5, and remember you can try it free online!

What’s New?

Everything about Slides is new with this release: the online app, design, functionality, page organization, settings, and more.


  • Projects feature! Keep…

One year ago, we released Slides 4 and now we’re almost ready for the much-anticipated Slides 5 release. This year we released many fixes and features and they all build into what will be our biggest Slides update yet.

What’s new?

  • Projects: Create, save, and duplicate projects and pages in your website design.
  • Online code editor: Edit page code directly in the Slides App.
  • Upload and save images: Upload images for your website.
  • Typography and buttons updated: Clear naming for various sizes.


The new and improved projects view will make it easier than ever to design and create in Slides App.

We listen our clients. After the successful release of Startup version 3 (product of the week on ProductHunt), we received a ton of feedback.

One of the most asked-for feature requests is Ecommerce predesigned blocks, so we immediately started work. Here we have 40 absolutely new designed blocks that are ready to use in the Startup app!

40 Ecommerce Designs

What type of designs?

We tried to create every type of page that you might need to build an ecommerce website for your startup. From product categories to checkout pages to thank you pages, these new pages in Startup have you covered.

Product categories

If you sell more than…

During last two months we have worked to improve Postcards and add new features. In this post, we want to share three important features we released last week. If you want to check the changelog, please click on the notification button for more information.

Today, we are announcing the long-awaited release of Startup 3. It’s an absolutely new product in terms of design, code and functionality. You will love it!

Featured on ProductHunt. 🙀

After the previous announcement, we received a lot of positive feedback and request for beta testing the Startup. So just two months after the first peek, we are launching it today!

Startup 3 is an app based on Bootstrap 4, so you can create websites based on this framework with well-designed bootstrap templates.

What’s New?

Everything about Startup is new with this release: the online app, design, code, functionality, effects, styles, templates…

We’ve been working hard on a new tool to solve a common design problem, and it’s now ready.

Static Pages is a new WordPress plugin from the Designmodo team that provides a simple solution for creating and upload a static web page with a custom URL.

For years, customers have been asking for this feature and until now, we had to refer them to a programmer for help. But now, with Static Pages, you can publish any static page on any WordPress website quickly.

Static Pages gives you the flexibility to add custom landing pages, set another URL and drive…

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