A Look Back at 2019. Our Plans for 2020.

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4 min readJan 16, 2020


A year ago, we published a post about our plans for 2019. We have completed the majority of these plans. Let’s take a look at what we completed in 2019 and what plans we have for 2020.

2019: Product Development

2019 was a product development year. We focused mostly on new features for all of our apps. Also, we cleaned our blog, removing old articles that are not important anymore in our industry and added fresh, new information.

Postcards. Email Template Builder

In 2019, we updated Postcards with a ton of new features. For example: MailChimp Integration, Email Preview, Image Hosting, Duplicate and Copy Modules, Save Used Colors, New Text Editor Features, Transactional Email Modules and more (we recommend that you take a look at the changelog!).

Slides. Website Builder for Developers

In 2019, we updated Slides to version 5! This update comes with new features that have been appreciated by our clients. Now you can edit the code online and save entire projects and pages in your account. We have detailed comments on the new features in a previous post.

Slides has been appreciated on ProductHunt and earned these accolades:

  • #1 Product of the Day 🥇
  • #1 Product of the Week 🥇
  • #2 Product of the Month 🏅

Startup. Bootstrap Builder

The Startup app also has got a new version in 2019, the third version includes the new online app, design, code, functionality, effects, styles, templates, and more. We updated it with new Ecommerce Modules, a Projects feature, and increased the speed of the application.

Startup has been appreciated on ProductHunt:

  • #1 Product of the Day 🥇
  • #1 Product of the Week 🥇
  • #4 Product of the Month 🏅

Static Pages, WordPress Plugin

Last year, we released a new WordPress plugin which helps clients to upload static HTML templates to WordPress. For example, you can build a template using Slides or Startup and upload it to WordPress just with a few clicks. If you’re not a Designmodo customer, you can buy the plugin here; for Slides and Startup customers, the plugin is free.

For example, we have used this plugin to upload the HTML templates here and here.

Static Pages also has been appreciated on ProductHunt:

  • #2 Product of the Day 🏅

From Blog to SaaS

We didn’t transfer the website from a “Blog” style to a “SaaS” style website (we mentioned this in our plans for 2019 ☹️). The main reason because we have focused on product updates.

BUT! This February you’ll see the new Designmodo first page and we’ll show our direction for development. We’ll achieve it this year! ✊

2020: Tools for Web Designers, Developers and Marketers

In 2020, we plan to continue the development of our main applications and increase educational content for visitors and customers.

Postcards 3

Postcards will be updated to version 3 that comes with new features and will be more flexible for us to develop and design new modules and email templates.

Startup 4

Startup updates are underway. The category with Applications modules is live now! For 2020, we plan to release Startup version 4 that will come with an online editor and many other new features. This year, we’ll release integrations with third-party services so you can transfer your work in a fast way from service to service.

New modules? Yes, we’ll release new modules and new categories: Restaurants and Portfolio. Every update will come with new features related to the online editor and elements customization.

Slides 6

Slides functionality will continue to grow and at the end of the year, we’ll release the new Slides. The main feature will be related to a fast website developing and put it into production.

We have a few hidden features in mind, but let’s save and release a surprise later.

Help Section

A few weeks ago we started our Help Knowledge Base, where we publish the most asked questions we receive in our support chat and email. During 2020, we’ll publish useful content related to our Apps.

YouTube Channel

The new help section comes with video content you can watch on Designmodo YouTube channel, subscribe to our channel! Also, we plan to publish more video tutorials related to our industry.

See You in 2020

If you are interested in something specific — feel free to ask us in the comments or send us a message. And don’t forget to subscribe.

Our team wishes you a productive 2020! See you with new updates soon!

❤, Designmodo Team

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