Designmodo Launches Massive Redesign and New Logo

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4 min readApr 18, 2018


This is perhaps one of the most important days in the history of Designmodo. Today, we are releasing a new version of the site, a new logo and a new vision for the future of our company.


As many of you know, our company has a wide field of activity: we are engaged in the development of products, publish design and code related articles, and support the Market, where designers publish their products to sell. This reflected in the diversity of our audience: from website designers and full stack web developers to entrepreneurs, from blog readers to customers who buy our products, from our affiliate partners to product designers on the Market. Our site is regularly visited by millions of people from 98% of countries around the world and our goal is to make their experience more convenient, taking into account all the nuances of the ecosystem.

It took us 4 months to draw and implement all the ideas of life in a form of interactive prototype, and another 8 months to make a complex website, periodically returning back to the design stage. And we are happy to say that this day is finally come.

New Branding

Logo animation by Alex Goo.

We present to you the new logo. It was developed in conjunction with brilliant designer Paul von Excite, whose work you have probably seen. We are very pleased with the result of our collaboration and were impressed by the level of the skill and attention to detail from Paul.

Read more about the story behind the design process of the new Designmodo logo here.

Main page

The home page contains everything that we have compiled over the 8 years of the site’s existence — articles, products, market highlights, featured articles, newsletters and a new Jobs section. Central modules are injected between articles that allow us to insert content we want to highlight without changing the basic layout.

The side panel hides, providing more space for the content. And also, we got rid of annoying advertisements on all pages, which, I hope, will be appreciated by regular readers.

Meaningful animations were added to provide a more pleasant experience.

Article Page

The new design makes articles a pleasure to read with a huge cover, beautiful typography based on Work Sans and Proxima Nova and wide images. The social counter will provide an idea of how many people shared each article. The progress bar in the top panel encourages you to read to the very bottom until you see the author information. A short description and social links are set by themselves, so authors can promote their work by writing useful stuff for all of us. It’s the same kind of approach we applied to the author profile page as well.


The idea to bring Jobs to the Designmodo website was obvious for us, but we were waiting for the right moment. Our website is visited by about 30K web professionals daily and more than 800K monthly. Starting today, many of them have an opportunity to find a job anywhere in the world, as well as companies can search to bring the best specialists to their teams. Search and tags were built to speed up search for dozens of ads.

My Account

This was the most challenging part of the redesign, because it should be a balanced compromise between the desire to make the best experience possible and technical limitations of the WooCommerce plugin, which handles billing and accounting operations. Inner pages are easier to navigate, giving all sorts of information: profile, billing, orders, invoices, downloads, subscriptions and your affiliate page.

We are quite happy with the outcome.

Other Pages

We completely redesigned many other pages, as well as our emails. None of the existing pages were without attention.

Here are a few of the most interesting pages:

  • About Us: For those who would like to learn more about our company
  • Affiliates: For those who want to earn money with us
  • Newsletter: For those who want to keep in touch with technologies and news
  • Products: For those who want to have an amazing website
  • Contact Us: For those who have a suggestion or a question to ask

It brings the Designmodo team so much joy to finally release the design. It’s a new beginning for us and we are already working on new stuff for you to share.

Share your thoughts about the redesign in the comment section and thank you for being with us.

Truly yours,

Designmodo team.