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3 min readJul 30, 2019

One year ago, we released Slides 4 and now we’re almost ready for the much-anticipated Slides 5 release. This year we released many fixes and features and they all build into what will be our biggest Slides update yet.

What’s new?

  • Projects: Create, save, and duplicate projects and pages in your website design.
  • Online code editor: Edit page code directly in the Slides App.
  • Upload and save images: Upload images for your website.
  • Typography and buttons updated: Clear naming for various sizes.


The new and improved projects view will make it easier than ever to design and create in Slides App.

Projects View — Beta Version

The projects page allows you to create and save projects, duplicate elements, edit, and even download the entire project. While you can create and edit in-browser, you can take slide decks offline for presenting.

New project features will make it easier than ever before to create websites with pizazz, and then share them with others. You’ll get it all in the Slides 5 release.


Pages functionality is a new addition to Slides 5 as well.

You’ll be able to create and save web pages, duplicate pages, download pages, preview pages, and change page settings. (These are all features that current Slides users have asked for, and the wait is over!)

Pages View — Beta Version

Pages will be organized so that you can see each one and edit independently from the Pages menu.

Online code editor

For those users that care what’s under the hood, Slides 5 includes a new online code editor.

Online Code Editor — Beta Version

Add customizations to Slides using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript right on the screen. The code editor opens with a click and is easy to manage and use. It actually opens right next to the slide you are working on.

Webpage Options

Upload and save images

This might be your new favorite feature: Slides 5 has an image library. Upload your own images and paste them directly into your slide designs.

Library — Beta Version

Slides 5 is coming soon, and every current Slides customer will get all of these updates and more automatically. (You don’t have to do anything to keep using this tool.)

So, what’s next?

All Slides 4 customers will be updated to Slides 5 at no additional cost.

We look forward to sharing this improved product with you!

❤, Designmodo Team

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