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3 min readApr 24, 2019


Today, we are announcing the long-awaited release of Startup 3. It’s an absolutely new product in terms of design, code and functionality. You will love it!

Featured on ProductHunt. 🙀

After the previous announcement, we received a lot of positive feedback and request for beta testing the Startup. So just two months after the first peek, we are launching it today!

Startup 3 is an app based on Bootstrap 4, so you can create websites based on this framework with well-designed bootstrap templates.

What’s New?

Everything about Startup is new with this release: the online app, design, code, functionality, effects, styles, templates and more.


  • Brand new Startup design
  • Absolutely new code
  • Free demo blocks in generator with 24 blocks that you can use absolutely free!
  • New design of all blocks in generator
  • New free design sources in Figma
  • Live preview in generator, without refreshing the page or opening a new tab
  • Choose font family, font weight and subset for body and headings directly from generator
  • All colors of a project change directly from generator
  • Set animation speed and style directly from generator
  • 6 pre-defined styles (fonts, colors, animation settings) for a quick start
  • Shuffle and random magic button for generating a website design (in case you’re having trouble with inspiration)
  • All extra classes of Framework were reviewed, unnecessary elements removed, classes names become more Bootstrap-like; framework become 66kB less (161kB -> 95kB); all code was refactored
  • Documentation updated
  • Updated blocks design, new fonts, new color palette; added a new mockup devices
  • Updated design generator according to the new style

And more… see changelog for details. 🤗

Free Figma Design Sources

With this release, we decided to share free the design sources if you need to use them in your work.

In any case, the main product will remain in the Startup App; it is here that you can visually create a website and export ready-made code.

Try Startup Free

Would you like to try Startup without paying and take test drive using a few free blocks? You can check the functionality and the quality of code by using the Startup App; you don’t need an account for this!

New Price / Free for Previous Clients

Until now, Startup App users made a one-time purchase. When we launched the product, we couldn’t imagine that it would get so much attention from developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs around the world. There isn’t anything else like it on the market, and we are proud of it.

The new price is $89 per quarter and $249 per year.

We want to move faster and deliver more interesting and powerful updates for Startup customers. Your continued support will help us create better future releases of your favorite product.

❤, Designmodo Team

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