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3 min readApr 14, 2020


Startup 4 with the new Online Editor is here!

This is an exciting release for Designmodo’s online app builder. And we created it just for you based on some of your feedback.

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Startup 4 is an app based on Bootstrap 4, so you can create websites based on this framework with well-designed bootstrap templates. You can use this tool to start or build your presence online using pre-designed blocks without any coding knowledge.

New Online Editor

The Online Editor is all new in this release of Startup 4. (And we really think you’ll love it.)

Use the Startup Online Editor to edit and customize content visually — it’s all drag and drop — so you don’t need a backend content system. Make your customizations and then export and publish your website. It’s that easy!

Things you can do with the Online Editor:

  • Change styles globally
  • Publish content fast
  • Download designs and export your website

Startup 4 Is Packed with Goodies

Startup 4 builds on the previous release (which was rebuilt from the group up thanks to your suggestions). You’ll get the amazing drag and drop website builder you expect with all of these features:

  • Ability to control the code in the app if you want, or
  • Ability to change everything visually without touching the code
  • 300+ premade blocks to help you build a custom design
  • Fully customizable, responsive design that will always look fantastic
  • Styles functionality for quick customization on every page
  • Detailed documentation to make it easy for you to build a website by yourself
  • Exportable design that uses clean and understandable code
  • Unlimited style options
  • Integrated with Google Fonts, just pick your font from the list

Even More Coming Soon

Startup 4 will only keep getting better.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things we are planning for future updates:

  • Editable element attributes in the Online Editor
  • Editable element classes
  • Ability to change images and backgrounds
  • Change element styles without coding
  • New “portfolio” category
  • More new blocks
  • Future Bootstrap 5 support
  • Ability to collect pages into one project or create multipage websites
  • Change block layouts
  • Create new blocks without coding

We are so excited to bring these features to you in future updates!

Try Startup for Free

Want to try Startup? You can create your first drag and drop website completely free. You’ll get full access to all of its features, including free Figma sources.

And if you love it and want to create more websites, Startup 4 is just $89 per quarter or $249 annually.

We plan to keep adding new features for you with even more powerful future updates. Thanks for your continued support in helping to create better products.

❤, Designmodo Team

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