Telegram, Viber, SendInBlue, HubSpot, Google Recaptcha: What’s New in Startup 3.3?

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3 min readMar 16, 2020


The new version of the Startup app is here and it comes with a few new features that we’ll explain below.

The important features Startup include new integrations. Data form information can be sent to messengers like Telegram and Viber. For marketing proposes we integrated SendInBlue and HubSpot services.

Telegram integration

You can receive data from your website’s page forms directly to the Telegram app (on your phone or desktop app).

This method is preferred over receiving data to email because:

  1. It’s free
  2. You’ll be notified immediately
  3. The message will not be flagged as a “spam”
  4. Most hosting has a small quota on sending emails, but Telegram messages are free

It is easy to setup the integration, just follow our documentation.

Viber integration

With the Viber integration, you can receive forms information directly into your Viber account.

It important to know that your hosting provider must support PHP to make this integration, but don’t worry, the majority of hosts support the PHP.

Also, your website must have a valid SSL certificate (should be available to open using “https:// protocol”) and your SSL certificate must be not self-signed to make this integration. In any case, we recommend you use always the SSL on your website, it’s a general recommendation by big players.

SendInBlue integration

You can send client contacts directly to SendInBlue and subscribe them to any list from your newsletter or SMS campaign using our API integration.

Your hosting must support PHP to make this integration.

HubSpot integration

For your marketing efforts, we created an integration for HubSpot. You can send your client contacts directly to HubSpot using our API integration and use this service to segment prospects.

The instructions and detailed information about the integration is in our documentation. You need to follow just three steps to integrate it to your website!

Google Recapcha integration

No more spam from your forms! Recaptcha is one of the best solutions to fight with spam data from web forms. You can protect your website forms from spam with Google Recaptcha (captcha). Manual installation can be a bit difficult, that’s why we made it for you.

Your hosting must support PHP and php mail() function to make this integration. Block spam emails with our new integration.


With this update, we improved the MailChimp integration as well with the ability to add more fields to your forms (you can receive the data from any new field).

The next Startup app comes in April with big improvements and new features related to online editing!

❤, Designmodo Team

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